Featured Artist: Joonbeam’s "Eco-Friendly Art"

This from Joon's Shop announcement:

"Environment is everything.
Our family welcomes you to joonbeam where you will find an eclectic mix of affordable treasures, lovingly created and handcrafted with respect for our planet."

From joonbeam’s profile on Etsy.com:

“I love scissors! Maybe it’s the Boo Radley in me. I don’t know. I love rescuing things, especially if someone else deems them trash worthy. My special affinity is vintage fabrics, notions, trinkets and papers, although I will incorporate any intriguing castaway, regardless of age. I love collage and cobbling things together. I believe that the small stuff does matter. One person can make a difference. And character and environment are everything. Truth be told, I'm a little bit obsessive about saving tiny bits of everything. I think character lives large in small. I find comfort and encouragement in clipping; snipping and finding a new life for would be discards. I hope my creations pass this along."

I met joonbeam on Etsy.com about a month or so ago in BBEST, Boomers Team forum thread. “Joon” as most of us call her, has started a new line of painting on old book covers. She recycles the book and uses the cover as the recipient of her truly colorful, original paintings. She told me the other day that she, “…hadn’t painted anything like this in 35 years” but completed her first and was moving onto another. (Both are viewed here) I think you have something here, Joon!

In my opinion, Joon’s work is new, fresh and filled with energy. Her boldly colored, eco-friendly art is affordable to most people on budgets and you get an original piece of art from a wonderful artist! Go to http://www.joonbean.etsy.com to see her other recycled work. You might want to hurry because those two paintings won’t be there for long!

Also visit joon's blog: http://joonbeam.blogspot.com/

Please leave comments! I would love to hear what you have to say. Did this article give you more information about the featured artist? What do you think of her work?


ZudaGay said...

Oh lovely blog feature, Brett!! You do have a way with words!! I LOVE Joon and her work!!!

marion said...

Great work, Brett! Hurrah for Joon! I'm the proud owner of a piece of her artwork!

Jill said...

Wonderful feature, Brett. Joon is great and her work is extraordinary!

Chauncey said...

Van, great job of featuring *our Joon*. She does fabulous work and your feature was lovely!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brett - Joon is such a great artist and it's nice to get a glimpse into how she does it. - Debby (Fabric Art By Debby)

Dayna said...

joon does cool stuff. I am firtunate enough to own some. Off beat, eclectic, fresh. Takes upcycling and recycling to new horizons.

Anonymous said...

This was a great article. Congratulations on a wonderful blog Brett and I say "ditto" to every thing you said about Joon's work. Google still not accepting my password, even after changing it. Joni

Beth said...

Great artist feature Brett on our one and only JOONIE. Her passion for the arts and our environment is very apparent. Beautifully done.

Sewbee said...

Great article! Great Joonbeam! Recycle, recycle, recycle! Been my theme forever!

Precious Quilts said...

Wonderful article and an amazing artist with a forward thinking, innovative ethos! Thank you for allowing us this insight.

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Oh Brett this is awesome! I just love lady joon!! and you write beautifully!!!

Rose said...

Brett what a great post! Love Joon, she's always coming up with something different and earth friendly! Great job to you both!

heronkate said...

Brett, that is a super feature about Joon. Her art and philosophy of life are beautifully portrayed. If I came across this out of the blue i would surely click to see her shop and more.

Judy Nolan said...

Brett, you have done a great job capturing Joon's spirit. Thanks for sharing this with us!--JN Originals

Pam said...

Beautiful blog, VanFleet! And your featured artist, JoonBeam, is wonderful. Love her ideas and ways to make art out of things others don't think are worth keeping!

Sixsisters said...

This is great Brett. I love Joonie and all that she believes in and does. She is inspirational to me personally. Her personality just pops out at you in her work.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Brett,

This is a wonderful!! I love reading about Joon ... I didn't know she was using book covers.

This is inspiring me to think more about reusing some of my things.

~ Diane Clancy

joonbeam said...

Oh my goodness! Van, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is too much. You are so sweet to feature me and what a beautiful article.


I love your blog, too. The layout and colors are striking and easy to read. It's a visual feast. I only have one request - we Wilkinsons want to see you! Please add a photo of yourself.

This feature and all your kind comments are just beyond inspiring to me. I wish I could tell you all what you mean to me, but all I can do is say you're the bbest friends and my heart is overwhelmingly happy today.

Thank you, all. For everything.


joon joonie :)

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love Joon's work! What a nice piece on her. And, I think her personality is as wonderful as her work!!

AlwaysAmy said...

I added your blog link to my blog. :) If you could do the same, that would be grand! Thanks!