Selling on Zazzle.com


So I have a new endeavor at this time. I am currently selling my images on t-shirts, mouse pads, hats, aprons, stickers, coffee mugs, postage stamps, greeting cards, bags, buttons and the like. Although the sales are sporadic, it’s so much fun creating the items!

Zazzle.com allows you to put your images and text on selected items for sale through them. You choose a t shirt style and cotl-so_nice_samba_song_greeting_cardlor, you place the image and text on the shirt, and you choose a percentage you would like to receive from that sale. (All products have a starting price and you decide how much profit you want from each sale.) Watch that you don’t bump that price up too high, then you’ll be stuck wondering why no one is buying!

Here are a few examples of my items for sale on http://zazzle.comtl-usps_sugar_skull_stamps_postage/vanfleetstreetdesign  check out my shop there!









maryeb said...

This new site looks good.
I hope you do well on it.

Sixsisters said...

Love the Kiss me I'm Irish too LOL
Good luck . Sorry I am posting so late.