Oh the Pain and Frustration!

This photograph does not do this piece justice. No matter how I have positioned this nicho, the photograph either comes out blurry or there are reflections in the glass on the door.

For my birthday, my partner bought a photographing kit which included two lights, a photographing tent, 4 backgrounds...all the things you think would help in photographing this piece...NOT. I am to the point of frustration. The kit included an all white photo tent and I have tried black background, white background, grey background, blue background...more light, less light, so many positions of lighting that Karma Sutra should offer me a book contract. Still...nothing worth posting online.

AND I am not going to give up. This is my 100th photo of this piece and if I have to take 200 photos to get one that works, I will do that.

Wish me luck!

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On a Whimsey said...

All comes to she who waits!!! All good things are worth waiting for!!!

Good luck!