Wedding Bell Stress

Well, we are making preparations for our wedding. If any of you have been through this, it's a wonder weddings happen at all, isn't it? The stress builds and you get snippy with each other, I have heard of some couples getting so angry with each other that they have come close to calling it all off. The stress of choosing wedding invitations, colors, theme, dresses, tux, food, cake, location of the ceremony, reception location...omg it's 5 months away and we still haven't gotten anything settled!! But just yesterday....

I thought MAYBE we would be able to settle on color theme this weekend, well we did it! I thought MAYBE we would settle on the invitations this weekend, we have the design, but not the printer...YET. I thought MAYBE we would be able to settle on a tux design and color...we did it, but haven't ventured out of the house to find one...YET.

We do know where the reception will be...if they approve it, but we don't know where the actual ceremony location is...YET. Sara awakened at 4 am this morning worried about food for the reception and what exactly are we going to have...she finally decided at 5am...it will be a long day today for her at work.

Sara still hasn't decided on a dress. She thought she found one yesterday online, but then we read an article about getting wedding dresses online and especially from China and she decided against that. So she's starting from square one again...5 months away from the wedding...

At least we're both in the process of losing weight, good or bad for dress and tux sizes, I know...but it feels good doing it. After seeing our photos in the newspaper and the realization of just how out of shape we really are, all things went into motion to correct that.

So, that's where we are at this point in the process. The stress level is building, and we'll be doing the preparations until we are bald from pulling all of our hair out. Bald wedding pictures, not a pretty thought.

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On a Whimsey said...

Oh I can so relate! DD is getting married in August, thank goodness she is super organised. We have done all the wedding shows, the venue searches, etc etc. The dress has had its first fitting, the bridesmaids dresses are bought, the men's suits are now ordered, the venue sorted, the church booked, the registrar sorted and the list goes on!!! Apart from all that ,...... the money!!!!

I am sure it will be the most amazing day for both of you and well worth all the effort and stress. Above all, the day is yours! Nobody elses. If they enjoy it, so much the better but the day is about you two!