Some of my faithful readers may have been wondering where I’ve been and others may not. Well I do admit I have been remiss in keeping up with this blog. Many things have happened over the course of time during which I was gone. I won’t bore you, but this is a great opportunity to show you what I have been up to artistically!

Never mind all of the problems, economy, illnesses and such. Let’s talk art.

The pieces below are just a sample of the things I’ve been doing during my absence. Titled, “Trees in the Headlights” these are digital pieces that I have drawn and painted on the computer. I made them to resemble pastels, because I miss using pastels so much. Due to asthma, I can no longer use the chalky wonders.

The trees paintings were inspired by an artist whom I am acquainted with through Worldwide Women’s Art Organization. Sharon K. Schubert is a fantastic painter, collage artist and digital artist. If you have the time, check out her work at her website! redladyart.com

These paintings can be found in my Etsy.com shop. vanfleetstreetdesign.etsy.com


cartoonedscaleesty newertrees3scaled

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