A Feature or Two?

This morning I awakened, got out of bed, made coffee, fed the dog, and then groggily shuffled to the computer, and turned it on. I could have sworn when I went to bed I had left it on, but I quickly dismissed that thinking maybe my partner turned it off after I went to bed, or worse case scenario…our 11 year old son is getting up in the middle of the night and using the computer again. I hope not.

Anyway, let me give you a little background information before I get into the meat of this article. I just read an article in *Art Calendar Magazine about (which by the way has been one of the best 30 bucks I have ever spent on a subscription) “Pitching Your Artwork to Blogs”. I thought, “what an interesting concept, I hadn’t thought about pitching my work to the many blogs I come upon and read and eventually follow.” hmmmmm…

In this article, Molly Crabapple gives clear and concise steps to follow to get your work into the “blogosphere” as she calls it. Her suggestion is to follow (and or adapt) this 9 Step pitching etiquette process, but starts the article with reasons to pitch to blogs in the first place.

She mentions a few reasons like, “Blogs are Easy to Get Into” stating that the blogosphere is HUGE and therefore makes better opportunities for artists to get featured. She mentions that blogs “update all of the time” so current information can always be available. Crabapple also states that “blogs are easy to contact and the effects are direct”. On blogs you are only a click away from seeing the artist’s latest work.

I will list some of the steps which Crabapple details in her article:

“Step One- Research,research, research…look for the appropriate blogs for you.

Step Two- Locate the writer

Step Three- Read the blogs

Step Four- Craft your pitch

Step Five- Package your images correctly

Step Six- Feed the buzz

Step Seven- Prepare for negative feedback

Step Eight…”

All I am going to say is, read the article…Molly Crabapple has some interesting ideas waiting for you!

Now to finish my story… I went to my email this morning and low and behold there was an email informing me that one of my nichos, the one shown in the photograph below is being featured at this very moment at http://cossedesigns.tumblr.com . The feature shows my nicho (below), a little about what a nicho is, and my shop name.


I also received another email from yet another blogger who featured a different piece of mine yesterday! http://www.1000markets.com/users/bellajewels/blog_posts (il_430xN.52775559below) I am so thrilled about these features, as my work hasn’t been featured in quite some time!

Now I’m thinking…hmmmmm, maybe I should get started pitching…maybe I might win the big one!

*If you would like to view the article in its entirety, Art Calendar Magazine is for sale at your local bookstores. You can subscribe to this magazine at http://www.artcalendar.com .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good pointers.

ZudaGay said...

Congrats on your features!!! WooHoo!!! It is always so cool to see your work on someones blog! Great information, thank you for sharing!!

On a Whimsey said...

Excellent and positive post! Interesting info which I might have to look into.

Congratulations on being featured! This could be the start of something big!!!!!!

Sixsisters said...

Congrats on being featured Brett . Thanks for the
info on the zine.