Altered Photography

So, I decided while lying flat on my back due to a sacroilliac sprain, that I would take a look at my photography stock and see what new and different things I could do with them. First, I colored them on my computer program and the photo to the left is what I got. I continued doing that in several different colors.

The next creative thing I did was to take the basic image a step further in the example above, combining two photographs,playing with the shape of the photograph and and finishing it off with
some digital drawing.

Lastly, a little tweak here and little tweak there and
the photo to the right is my finished product.

I've enjoyed playing with these pieces and will bring more to you as I go along...actually I have done a lot of them so far, you will have to either wait or go to http://vanfleetstreetdesign.etsy.com to see them and... maybe purchase one, or two, or all of them!

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