Just a Little Something


My partner and I love laughing together and I especially take great pride in giving the gift of laughter. But today took the cake!

Finding the right cat litter hasn't been an easy feat. We don't like the chemical laden litters found in most stores, so we switched to a more "earth friendly" natural component, we use corn litter or wheat litter now.

Well, we also switched our cat and dog to an all protein diet due to the cat getting sick when she ate, and the dog scratching all of the time (no fleas, no ticks). We found the right food! But since the dog snacks on what she finds in the litter box, we have to remedy that again.

So, yesterday my partner brought home the litter from the store and sat it on the kitchen table. This morning I sat at the table and saw the litter. I said,"we're going to have to take that litter back and get something else." Puzzled by my statement, my partner looked at the litter and realized it is made of corn. I said, "I'll just tell the store clerk that our dog is allergic to corn."

Needless to say, a guffaw ensued! I love laughter!

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